An Unexpected Christmas present

“Will I be operated on by a robot?” I ask when the letter arrived this morning announcing that I will have my second knee replacement on December 30th.
The man at the Golden Jubilee hospital in Glasgow is unfazed by the question.
After all they are pioneers in robotic surgery.
They were on television recently demonstrating total knee replacement done by a robot.
“Just a minute and I will check,” said the man at the Admission desk.
“No,” he said.
I am not sure whether to be disappointed or not.
Do I trust a machine more than a human hand?

However I am hopeful that I will be given a new bit of technology to wear.
This is a revolutionary device , the first in Europe, and its being trialled at the Golden Jubilee. It records mobility of the knee joint.
Oh yes, there will be the offer of staying awake and watching the whole procedure. Apparently engineers and ccarpenters regularly ask to remain conscious . 
(Guess where I will be spending New Years Day?)

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