Advent in the Fens - Day 5

Kings Cross Station, London

After three restful days, recharging my batteries, I undid all that good work by waking at 3.30am, and not being able to get back to sleep. But somehow I managed to make my way home, from one side of the country to the other, and even managed to get that table decoration home in one piece, well almost! After carefully balancing the arrangement all the way home, firstly by car, then three trains and a trip on the London Underground, I managed to drop the box while struggling to get off the train at my local station in the pouring rain!

Kings Cross was looking very festive today (shame about the ad in the middle of the tree!), and with it being Thursday, I even managed to track down a festive fungus in one of the shops a Paddington! My other extra shows the great view I had from the train, approaching Ely; as you can see not the brightest of mornings, but at least it was dry. Arriving in Bath, I was met by monsoon rain, and the river Avon was in flood. If only that rain would fall as snow...

(Thank you for all your recent kind comments, stars and hearts. Sorry for getting behind with replies again.)

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