One daze at a time...

By Raheny_Eye

Will I ever learn?

No, I won't... 

There was no Friday in December that worked for all members of the Procurement Dream Team* 

So we semi-spontoneously decided to all go out for a few drinks on Wednesday instead.
In a half-heartedly sort of way. It was going to be a quiet affair because there were quite a few things that needed be done in the following days. 
I made my way to the Bank bar with the best intentions in the world. I would only have four pints and politely take my leave and head back home. 

Yeah roight...

Here we can see Lenore and No-Chat-Pat. Who happened to be particularly chatty at that stage. 
Eleven pints of Guinness tend to have that effect on him... 

* Procuring dreams, at a heavilty discounted price 

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