By MerrilHope

Oh Vienna #1

After a very yummy hotel breakfast, Caitlin and I walked to the palace to wander the Christmas market in the grounds there. What a medley of sights and smells as gluhwein, cloves, cinnamon and spices along with the music of Mozart filled the air while stall holders displayed their seasonal handicrafts as skilfully as any art gallery curator. A smorgasbord for the senses.

By the time we headed downtown to Stephensplatz and the church (today's pic), it had started to rain, and oh boy, did it fall. Light lunch and more meandering until finally we accepted the rain wasn't going to stop and we were fhoroughly soaked,  so we headed back to the hotel for a quiet, dry evening and a somewhat early night after a couple of drinks and a snack in the hotel's bar.

12409 steps, yay

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