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Recent Acquisitions

A few desirable objects have floated in to Lozarithm Mansions recently, some solace in the long dark nights of the soul. Most were purchases made over the Christmas period, including the Velvet Underground box set and the Pentax lens (my first prime lens and the fastest lens I own - looking forward to trying it out), but the Grateful Dead Reader was a Christmas present.


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Day #1028

TG-1 settings: Magic 'Dramatic' effect filter

Lozarhythm Of The Day:
Nico - Frozen Warnings (1968)
Nico features not only in the Velvet underground box set, but also in Julian Cope's book Compendium in which he writes about her magnificent album, The Marble Index, which, according to Cope when it came out was "owned only by thirty, or less, overly hairy hippie-chicks who'd spent the free-sex days of the late '60s alone with their cats and Dion Fortune books." Well, I also owned it and loved it as I still do, and I didn't even have a cat then.

One year ago: Star Gazing

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