Marking Time

By Libra


With no family or houseguests this year we decide to do something completely different.
We went to see “Cats”, which has been panned by all the critics, except the FT.
Surely th film can’t be as bad as they claim? Years ago we saw the stage version on Broadway and remember thinking it was a mediocre musical. The most memorable bit were the “cats” prancing amongst the audience waving their big tails in our faces.
Perhaps tonight would be better. It wasn’t.
If it weren’t for Judi Dench the whole thing would be instantly forgettable. But I am sure it will be a box office success.
As for the re-worked version which we saw tonight what exactly had they done? I was assured they had changed the cats’ paws to human hands.
Photo: The Trossachs with Dunblane in the foreground.


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