Leo's offerings

By Leonine

Xmas Day

Thereby hangs a tale...around 8 years ago on Xmas eve I was in agony as I had the misfortune to be suffering from a raging toothache and assumed the chances of finding a dentist the following day, Xmas day, was as rare as finding hen's teeth. I knew I had an abscess, as my face was swollen and in desperation I phoned 111 for advice...I was advised to phone for an appointment with the emergency dentist on duty at the local hospital, which I lost no time in doing and this remarkable, quite wonderful lady lanced the abscess, when I immediately left the pain behind, advising me to contact my own dentist after the holiday. To this day I still have the offending tooth, which has never troubled me since. No fun, but there's no record of anyone dying from a raging abscess, luckily:-)

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