Just A Photo

By CBLinks

Molton Brown

A rather chilly Boxing Day so I decided a short walk was all I needed to clear my head (aye, right!).  I drove down to Whinnyfold and ventured along the path which leads to the bay where the seals spend their time swimming in the shallows and basking on the rocks.

For those of you  concerned that I might get too close to them to take the photos and in doing so distress them, I can assure you that if I did, I would back off immediately if they showed any signs of anxiety.

I first come into their view about 70 yards above the bay.  They spot me very quickly and there is a ‘welcoming’ chorus of dissonant wailing.

I sit down close to the beach and take my photos from there. As I sit quietly, several of the bolder, more inquisitive seals swim towards the shore to pose for portraits, they are very entertaining.

I thoroughly enjoyed my visit.

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