Swan Lake

Yesterday evening gave us both that warm, fuzzy feeling of being with long-standing and special friends. 

After breakfast and a fine piece of tranquility in the mayhem of festivities (which have, don’t misunderstand me, all been smashing), we headed back to Rich’s parents.  I was dropped for a pooch walk and found the boss of Tongwell Lake, with wings paso doble style, and proceeded to take shot after joyous in-focus shot. I guess my lens fix was worth it as recently, I’ve been hunting for sharpness across a pond of sludge assuming it was just my out-of-practice hand holding. (With huge thanks to Stevvi for convincing me all wasn't quite well with it.)

We’ve had a family gathering of vegetable prep and table setting before settling down for the last of Christmas Carol with my old favourite, Guy Pearce from Neighbours - remember him? It seems to have had some bad press but we thoroughly enjoyed it.

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