Winter scramble, out and back

Another quiet day without company, and with a bit more sunshine and a much clearer sky. It turned a tasty pink as we came back from a scramble/walk out the back of our house. The elk and the deer have made a bit of a path, but they have four legs and we don't, so it was interesting walking. I had my walking pole with me and found it handy at times you have no idea what's under the snow and sometimes it's a big hole!

It's a treat to have a walk with long views just 3 minutes from the front door, but it's the first time we've gone up there in the snow this season, and we didn't have anything to sit on, and we didn't have a hot drink with us. We'll remember next time, once we are back in the swing of things wintery.

It was minus five today, which is an improvement, but the long range forecast shows a week of thaw ahead. Climate change is certainly something that is making an impact here. Thaw at this time of year was a rarity, now it's a norm. It renders the ice on the lakes unreliable, and uneven in thickness - and it's a mess for skiing as well. But so far, it looks beautiful, feels nice and cold and is bringing delight to my eye.

Baked fish and potato gratin planned for tea, there will be chantarelle sauce and carrots will feature too. I removed the red glittery nail varnish from my hands this morning, amazed it lasted as long as it did! I shocked myself every time I caught sight of my hands. I have painted my nails a pale varnish with a top coat of golden sparkle. Compared to the post box red with glitter, it's practically discrete!

The extra is the house from above, in what we laughingly refer to as Betty's garden. It looks so much better with a good thick covering of snow!

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