A Monkey's Tale

By MonkeyWithAView

A Savannah Sunset

All that's missing is a herd of elephants wandering by, a couple of giraffes standing loftily to one side & a Monkey climbing up to the tallest branch.

Maybe it's best if I leave the narration to a professional, David Attenborough springs to mind, the mesmerising Africa tonight on the tellybox being a prime example of his expertise.

It was bitterly cold on leaving the flat this morning, a few icy things catching my roving blip-eye, but it was on leaving the Office that I caught sight of the beautiful sky & its sunset. I particularly like the silhouettes of the trees either side, creeping into the splash of colour in the middle. This shot is taken over the Great Plains of Victoria Park in Haywards Heath.

More the Priory than prairie, but still.

Pun-tastic! Goodnight.

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