The Piano tuner and I

He’s now an ex-piano tuner and here’s the reason why.
In normal circumstances I would not relate this embarrassing story. But today I am short of time and I have run out of blip opportunities.
Mathew, the piano tuner, visits once a year just before Christmas and has done for the past twenty years.
My music teacher who warned he was a solitary, reticent individual, a confirmed bachelor, but an excellent piano tuner, recommended him to me.
He rang up to make an appointment and M said that he would be out but would be back about 9.45 am (the time is crucial to this story.) M made some vague reference to the fact that I too would be out.
I am rushing to my aqua aerobics class and at 9.15 am and,  assuming the house is empty, hurry out of the bedroom naked to collect my swimsuit from the utility room.
And there is the piano tuner at the bottom of the stairs! (We have an upside down house and the piano is upstairs a fact he well knows).
Despite it being dark on the stairs and he is muffled up with a beanie camp and scarf wrapped around his face I recognize him.
He races back upstairs and begins tuning the piano.
I am stunned.
When M returnsI  relate the story to him. He goes to see Mathew whose face, he says, is bright red and he fears the man is going to have a heart attack.
“What did you say to him?”
 I am still seething with rage.
“ I asked if he wanted milk and sugar in his coffee.”
PS. What would you have done in the circumstances?

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