By Number147

Christmas present

Today we travelled to Worcester to see Clive's side of the family. It wasn't an exciting trip and neither of us took any photos. Dinner was very good. 

I have wanted a picture shelf above a sofa in our lounge. As I cooked Christmas dinner, Clive and the children mounted and wrapped a 7ft shelf and excitedly waited for me to come in and see it.

I must have been concentrating on lunch because I came in and sat down and it took a few minutes for me to notice it.

I put some pictures on it this morning (just for the photo.) During the coming year I shall tweak and add to the shelf and it will become a feature.

Clive also framed a painting of Venice that my Mum and I bought from a street artist during our tour of Italy in 1988. It once hung in the parental home but found its way into a dusty box after the parents died.

I was moved to tears when I received it beautifully framed. He's a very thoughtful husband.

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