Desperately seeking

By clickychick

Subtropical Paradise

Here are six happy holiday makers enjoying a break in a subtropical paradise....
in Cumbria....
in December!

What's not to like about swimming outdoors in Cumbria, in winter? This time I had the advantage of a pair of swimming shoes for the cold journey between the door and the pool. It's tempting to run, but the paving tiles can be slippery. The shoes made me feel safe on the floors. Actually the weather hasn't been too cold this week so even in a wet bathing costume the outside bit wasn't too bad.

Where are the grandchildren? Have we abandoned them? No, they're taking the photos for us.

In the afternoon I was treated to a Spa session with The Daughters, lots of hot saunas with the treat of being heated up only to have a bucket of ice thrown onto our backs. Then heated up again and directed into a cold shower! More chance for outdoor swimming in a very quiet pool which we had to ourselves.

Another meal out tonight this time at Hucks, an American style restaurant. I had a very wonderful fish & chip meal.

I'm being spoilt!

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