Right weird, who knew?

I like doing jigsaws from time to time. I enjoy finding the right pieces, matching the colours, understanding the upsidedownness and so on. This is the second of the two wooden jigsaws I bought for Keith to play with for Christmas. I did most of this one on my own but he was lured in by the end. Just look at the shapes and the way they work together but don't lock even slightly. Quite a challenge! And also right weird. Some shapes are a cat, a fox, or just a decidedly strange squiggle. 

Another curious thing is that this is hand cut, and the box is labelled by hand as well. There was no picture to go off but the title of the art work, "Vågskalp" meaning the sound of the waves, an Anders Zorn masterpiece. We found it on the web & that made life easier. But not a lot as those colours bore only a slight resemblance to the jigsaw's colours.

And a third odd thing for today is that when reading about the hand cut jigsaws that were popular in the 1920s and 30s, it dawned on my why jigsaws are so called. They were originally cut with a ... wait for it... jig saw. Duh! I'm not as clever as I look apparently!! It seems they are most sought after, obviously no-one told the charity shop where I got these two for pennies. It's quite something playing with a thing that has been played with for a hundred years.... no missing pieces either.

We are packed and ready for a quick trip further north for the new year, the widespread black ice will hopefully have been dealt with by tomorrow. Our road is well sanded and we have great studded tyres as well. The freezing rain is a bit of a disaster for everyone, walking or driving. It is certainly not what people round here call normal winter, all this to-ing and fro-ing between cold and thaw. I long for proper winter, and some skiing - but I will have to put that longing on hold for at least the next soft and squashy week of thawing.

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