We went to the Pre-Hogmanay Show by Peter Morrison and friends tonight, as we do each year.  It is a very friendly, home spun show, with lots of audience participation, and most enjoyable.   Photography allowed, but no flash. 

This year for the first time we had the Dalrymple Ladies' Ukulele band, about twenty ladies, and they were just great, they formed about two years ago and are lots of fun, singing and playing lots of sixties stuff and some well known tunes.  

Can't quite remember the comedian's name, he is there every year though and is a very funny man, crummy jokes, but a funny man...….he puts them over so well!

It was nice to hear Peter in good voice tonight, last year he was suffering from a chest infection and had a difficult night, although the others, in particular Alistair MacDonald, carried the load for him.  This year, however, he sang some old favourites, with the audience chorusing of course.

Our Village Theatre is perfect for this type of show, not too large, and so a friendly atmosphere, and as we knew a lot of the audience we really enjoyed ourselves.

And ice cream and chat at the interval, what's not to like?

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