By wingpig

"they're just... people..."

I went to work by foot, anticipating being at a cinema immediately after work and preferring to not leave a bike outside the Omni's racks with their recently-reduced volume and protection. In the end the failure of the rental bike app at the first two stations meant I wound up going to Ocean Terminal in order to get a seat in the middle at the front.

I have become sufficiently relaxed about these and my expectations thereof that I didn't even consider a midnight showing. It was easy enough to switch off anything which might have fed me any spoilers and the absence of a queue meant not having to keep my ears plugged in the way in. On the whole, generally, after one viewing... it's an adequate if unspectacular conclusion to the last three and the nine, with a few forgiveable glaring shudders and a few they should really have picked up on and fixed. As with the preceding two the music has a few moments but never the overriding clout of IV and V, though VII has improved in that regard with repeated watchings and IV and V have more watchings already between then than the others will ever have even combined. At least, with this now released, so, finally, are we.

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