By 13


I popped into the Filmhouse at lunchtime and picked up 7 tickets for the Icelandic film Either Way
which the team at work are going to see on Tues 22nd Jan.
EcoDad wished to barter rather than pay me the full £7 for the ticket. So he will pay me £5 plus
1 jar of jam and 6 eggs from his own chickens. Fine with me as C loves all things organic / free range.
The picture is EcoDad's handwritten note -
"I owe Allan 6 eggs (notional value £1) and 1 jar of jam (notional value £1) Peter Shaw 16/01/13"

When leaving work, I noticed C had texted me to say the home report company will be here tomorrow
afternoon to value the flat that C and myself are putting on the market shortly.
So bus home and a quick dinner followed by a list of chores that C had left me.
Sanded the floor, tidy up kitchen, de-cluttered and moved some boxed to Mum's spare room.
Then got a phone call from home report company to say they want to come Friday morning
which is better as it gives us Thursday night to do a few more cleaning tasks before the flat is valued.
Watched an episode of Miranda with C and headed to bed.

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