Farewell 2019

An overcast and drizzly way to see out 2019 but it's been a productive one as we took a few bags of 'clutter' to a charity shop, so once again the decluttering process continues without ever seemingly ending!!

Discovered the little pet shop I normally get bunny his favourite treats from has shut down and moved since we last visited, so looks like it will be online shopping for now to keep the bunny happy! Can't have a grumpy bunny going into 2020!! And have re-ordered bird food so at least I can keep the local bird & squirrel population happy - the collared doves were waiting their turn on an arch while the squirrel got first pickings off the bird table this morning!

Thank you all for another wonderful year of blipping memories! We don't do much for New Years eve so will be having a quiet one! No resolutions for the new year ahead - other than to finally make a decision and decide on a new camera to buy as my poor old lumix has seen better days!

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