By SMax

Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge

I have to admit that Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge looks great. The land is pretty immersive as you cannot see or hear anything from outside it when you are there. What they have built is a remote outpost called Black Spire on the planet Batuu. We got in to the Cantina, where Hans Solo met with Luke, wandered through the market stores, avoided the First Order and the Storm Troopers searching for resistance spies. We joined the resistance when we went on Rise of the Resistance and generally enjoyed the whole experience. I even bought a hat. We rode the two attractions when we were there and Smugglers Run was okay but Rise of the Resistance is really good. The only problem was needing to get to Hollywood Studios just after 7am and even then having to wait in a virtual queue for 12 hours before we got to join the actual queue! It was only a few days after it opened and it was almost impossible to get on to a boarding group which holds your place in the virtual queue. We tried several days in a row before getting on to one. The ride broke down a lot which made things even slower. Things got worse day after day with people queuing outside the park in their hundreds hours before the park opened in an attempt to get an early boarding group number but this caused even more problems. Boarding groups for the whole day were all taken within minutes of the park opening every single day. It’s worth a visit and Rise of the Resistance is great but I’d advise waiting till it calms down before trying to see it.

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