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Happy New Year from Blipfoto

A particularly warm welcome to all the new members who have just joined Blipfoto.  But whether you’re just starting out, a seasoned blipper, or joining us again after a short lapse, we just want to wish everyone on Blipfoto a very Happy New Year.

As a new year starts we thought it would be helpful to set out some key points/refreshers (depending on how long you’ve been with us) about different areas of the Blipfoto website:
Quick Start Guide: If you’re new to our community, you’ll be finding your way around already, but our quick start guide is designed to cover most eventualities.  When you have time, enjoy browsing our full guide.
Browse: You’ll find blippers are very good at helping each other stay motivated.  Use the browse area to find new users, popular journal entries, blippers who have hit milestones in their journal and to keep an eye on people you’ve chosen to follow.  Comment, reply and follow and you should find people starting to do the same back.  
Community: Check out our community area and find fun and informal challenges run weekly by other blippers. Use the relevant weekly tags in your post to join in on a challenge.  Don’t be afraid to offer to host one - it’s a great way for people to get to know you and vice versa. 

Blippers also love to meet up in real life.  You’ll find suggestions for get-togethers on the Blip Meets topic in the Community area.

Help: At the bottom of every Blipfoto webpage, you’ll find the Help area with FAQs that solve most people’s queries.  Contact us at the Help Desk if there's something you can’t find an answer to and we’ll do our best to assist. 

The Rules:  We’re pretty laid back here at Blipfoto because we have a wonderful ‘Be Excellent To Each Other’ principle which sets us apart from most other social media sites.  All we ask is that you follow a few simple rules. Copyright is the most complex but you can find more on that important topic here.  Please help us stay on the right side of the law.

About Us: You may be surprised to know that Blipfoto is owned and operated by its members. Behind the scenes we all work voluntarily and unpaid because we’re passionate about Blipfoto. The directors of the company behind Blipfoto are: AnnieAndChris, Cyclops and GrahamColling, while Richard and WharfedaleBex are our Marketing Ambassadors. There are also other blippers who have played key roles in running Blipfoto as well as members who offer invaluable help on an ad hoc basis.

Membership: We passionately feel that an important aspect of Blipfoto is that it offers a free membership option. As a full member, however, you are financially supporting the operation of Blipfoto, which is a community-owned website.  The site’s operation is funded through membership subscriptions alone.  We hope at some point you will enjoy Blipfoto as much as we do, enough to become a full member and support the continued running of the site.

We hope that helps familiarise you with Blipfoto but don't be afraid to ask other blippers - we're a friendly bunch!  

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