By seizetheday


After yesterday's fiasco, we were very relieved that the car alarm didn't sound during the night! But it came on as soon as MrM opened the car for this morning. Aaaargh! The garage from which we purchased the car wasn't very helpful, but staff at the dealership in Alnwick were brilliant! We drove the car down to them, they disabled the alarm as a short-term solution, and will reset everything next week.

As we were down in the area, and it was a lovely day, we couldn't resist a walk on the beach in Alnmouth. Lots of people taking advantage of the good weather. Back home over the moors - we watched the sun setting over the Cheviots for the last time this decade (extra).

In the evening MrM drove us over to Belford to spend the evening with Andrea. After a delicious meal - thanks Andrea - we chatted and drank wine until just before midnight, when we went out to watch the Belford fireworks - an amazing display, lasting 15 minutes or so!

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