Happy New Year to all.

There's a big gap in this journal, or there was at the time of uploading this. It may be filled in someday. Perhaps you thought (or hoped) I'd departed, been locked up, or something else - no. The above photo is of index sheets from most of the films used in a Nikon F100 camera to provide the main entry photos for both my journals over 2019. One film still in the camera to be finished, and another about to be sent for processing, so it's not yet guaranteed that there's a photo for every day. So much scanning to be done.

As if Blipping with a digital sensor wasn't enough of a challenge, I decided to try one camera with one type of film for a whole year. Different lens every month added a bit of variety. For the majority of the days, I risked taking just a single photo. That'll mean the two journals will look near identical, save for some digital extras that appear in this one. There'll be nothing of great merit, and plenty duds. To say that inspiration and motivation were lacking, would be grossly understating things. This has very much been the case over the latter months.

And this year? - continuing with taking film photos for a bit longer, but just for the other journal. Hoping to reach the four hundred consecutive Blip mark/award there. This journal's Blips main photos may all come from one camera, and one lens for the whole year. I reckon that'd be a much easier challenge than using film has been over 2019. At least last year was devoid of sunrise and sunset Blips, being just black & white, with the many shades between.

In many ways there was a lack of colour, with a lot of bad, sad, and worrying news last year, and some big changes. That's without considering the bleak on-goings of the outside world.

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