By Ronniebofa

Best laid plans gang aft agley

Well that was some festive period in terms of my weight loss journey with a gain of just over half a stone in December. This was due to too many meals out, too many treats, too many white carbohydrates, too many empty calories and exercise being limited due to festive period class “holidays” and restricted opening times at the Peak.
“Never mind” most would say, “it’s only once a year and you’ll soon get back on track”.

Well that was my intention and New Year’s resolution was to up exercise, avoid treats, white carbohydrates and empty calories. This was due to start today but I’ve been laid low with a horrible cold/ upper respiratory infection (think it was my neighbours who kindly gifted it to me on Christmas morning). Symptoms have been getting worse since 30th December and last night I was lucky if I got 2 hours sleep. As a result today has been spent mostly in bed and I’ll be lucky to make 1,000 steps (I aim for at least 10,000) and there is no way I will make classes tomorrow. The only thing the bug has not affected is my appetite: but at least tonight’s meal was low in white carbohydrates and empty calories. Let’s hope I have a better sleep tonight and I’m on the road to recovery.

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