By roomitchell



Felt like a bit of a photo-induced rant on my way to work at South College Street today.

This is a photo looking up from the Cowgate to South Bridge in Edinburgh, the scene of re-construction following the 'New Town Fire of 7th December 2002' that devastated this UNESCO World Heritage Centre area. It also destroyed the University of Edinburgh's Artificial Intelligence Library - a collection of AI literature unique in the world, an irreplaceable archive accumulated over the 40 years of Edinburgh's leadership in the field, since its beginning in the 1960s.

The oldest building in this area dates back to 1537. And this is the source of my rage.

Why are they using concrete to re-construct this area - and will this new carbuncle be still standing and looking as grand as it's 16th, 17th, 18th and 19th century neighbours?

I expect not. Now if you believe the global concrete industry's wikipedia page, concrete is ever-lasting and energy-efficient. What puff.

Also, take a walk down to the Scottish Parliament, that concrete carbuncle is already looking tired after 8 years, never mind after 475.


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