a lifetime burning

By Sheol

Feeding the ducks their dinner

Is it still an (urban) landscape shot if you've featured people in the foreground to give the picture a sense of depth?  

This one is a shot of Bristol's Floating Harbour near the M Sheds.  I had intended to get a shot of just the sunset but this trio were standing in my ideal picture taking spot, so they ended up featuring as foreground instead.  They were terribly cute, as children that age are, and I loved the strong colour that they added.

I could have HDR'ed the shot to bring out more of the detail but I rather like it as it is and this way they don't distract too much from the light on the water which is what drew me to this spot in the first place.

The first day back at work wasn't too bad - the working days are being ticked off, there's only 60 left now. :-)

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