By RealSandee

Happy Hogmanay

What a day! I was working 10-6, drove home. Had a chat with K my flatmate, then M from Glasgow came. M and I met on Twitter. What a funny story.
We had a glass of wine and whilst the boys chatted i got ready. Came out if the room, K said 'oh wow you look lovely'. Such a nice guy.

M, K and I left the house to take the tram. At West end we separated and K went down Leith and M and I eagles to st. Andrew's Square garden where we met F, my Swiss friend and heter Spanish colleague J. J my staff member joined us later at the train station. So complete we walked typ the venue and had a fantastic time.

We saw the firework and went to another pub called mc sorley. Everyone was so wasted! I didnt even drink shots. M drank mine as i cant handle them. It didnt do him lots of favours! He fell asleep in the pub so we almost got thrown out lol.

Took an uber home. I think it was around 3am. M and J slept both on the couch (we have two so each their own). I slept in my room on an air mattress.

Picture: Spanish J, Swiss F, M from Glasgow, me, J from Inverness.

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