Opening day

Over a year ago we bought some floor boards on-line for the living room, but when they arrived they looked nothing like those in the photo on the website. Goodness knows why we didn't return the boards, as neither of us liked them! Anyway, we used some for the floor in the 'music room' and saved the rest to use in the hallway.

For the last few days, MrM has been removing the horrible dark lacquer finish from the boards leaving the bare wood (oak), and they're now ready to use. So, this evening, we we drove to Alnwick for some underlay - and a few other items - from a DIY store, and we'll probably start laying the hall floor over the next couple of days. Then it will need to be oiled!

Nice to see the Playhouse lit up as we drove through Alnwick. It closed for refurbishment in August 2018, and today it opened its doors for the first time since then.

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