The Whys Man

By WhysMan2

Twa (Wally) Dugs/Dogs

This is a shot from the 'home' area of the exhibition. It's where there's reference to Robert Burns, and it's a part of the gallery we'll be using a lot with pupils coming in around 25th January... Not least the Wally Dugs, and linking the scul?tures to what pupils have been learning in school, maybe...the

Twa Dogs...

...By this, the sun was out of sight,
An' darker gloamin brought the night;
The bum-clock humm'd wi' lazy drone;
The kye stood rowtin i' the loan;
When up they gat an' shook their lugs,
Rejoic'd they werena men but dogs;
An' each took aff his several way,
Resolv'd to meet some ither day.

Robert Burns

Funny, I always thought that third last line ended 'dugs' but in the original manuscript it's 'dogs'.

Wally dugs, dugs or dogs, it'll be good to see what the pupils make of this one.

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