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Getting it right ...

Time to start thinking about the things left undone ...starting with that wall in the bedroom. Remember it? It's still there, new plaster dried and ready for something else to happen; the curtains are still in the bag from the cleaner, spread out along the floor (it's a tall room); the bookcase and books are still elsewhere; the bits and pieces from the mantlepiece are still hidden in a box; the decorator will soon be wanting to make arrangements. Today it was time to think about colours. I did think about it before Christmas took over, but all thought was banished by singing, ill friends, presents, family, travel, food, entertaining, church ...and I'm mindful of the discussion on an earlier blip about just this matter. 

So I'm blipping the back of the paint shop in Dunoon, where the mixing machine lives. Two small trial pots are being mixed for me, of which this is the second. It's hard to believe that that colour mix (yellow, cream, very dark blue and bright vermilion) will end up as a subtle green, but it did. I'm not going to put any on the wall tonight because the paint brushes are in the garden shed and it's (a) dark and (b) raining and Mr PB says I wouldn't like washing them in the dark.

He's right. I'll be back ...

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