By Shutterup


I cannot believe these beautiful roses.  I was given a bunch of roses way back at the beginning of December.  They were glorious and had such a wonderful smell and such beautiful colours and they lasted right up until just before Christmas in their bunch.  While l was making a table decoration on Christmas eve l took them out and was so sad think they were going to be thrown away after giving so much joy that l chopped them down short and placed them in fresh water all chopped to the same height and carefully placed them in a vase... and here they are still.  Everyday l wonder at their jewel like colours ... there is something ancient and luxurious about them and today the sun caught them and l felt l had to share them with you.  Now totally dried out l don't think they will change much and l am loving having them in the house... glorious!

A few of you have asked about Flossie... her tummy is still not working properly and there is a lot of clearing up to be done as she has no warning and therefore disgraces herself wherever she happens to be at the time.. much washing is being done (floors, bedding and mats) but today l see her appetite has subsided.. l do hope she feels better soon.. it is wearing me out!

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