By Beckett

A "BLACK DAY".......

.... aside the fact our patch area of Penrith and Richmond being the "hottest place on Earth" with the temperature reaching all but 49 deg C!  It was only January 2018 I blipped a record at that point eclipsed today! The shot was "out there in the sun" actual recorded was 47.8 deg C.

Also eclipsed, the terrible day on the fire front/s not just in New South Wales, but Victoria and Kangaroo Island in South Australia. The momentum of these fires from the weather and the amazing dry conditions, combined with far too much ground cover all tinder dry. The weather forecast is still suggesting a lot of the fire areas will get rain over the next week starting in a couple of days!?

Back before Christmas we booked tickets to a Show at the Opera House ... you guessed it, it was for today!!!'

We drove out at 3:45pm just as that temp reached its max - and an hour later (all time record time - I mean who would be out in that heat!!) we reached the Opera House, and being on the coast it was 36.7 degC.

The Show was a very different "style" for the Opera House - "Rock the House" having a team of 6 of some of the "ole rockers" from "Back When" still pumping it out. 
Ross Wilson, Glenn Shorrock, John Paul Young, Russell Morris, Kate Cerbrano and Brian Cadd. 
A few pics starting here on FLICKR and why not while you have a look put the speakers on "loud" (ha ha) and get a taste. Cool World and Eagle Rock

Have a look in LARGE

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