Life through the lens...

By ValC

Good bye Christmas.

We have spent all day taking the decorations down and packing them away.
One last set of photos before wrapping each one in tissue paper and carefully boxing them.
The collage includes the ball of string, which has now lost it's colour. Top left.
This was on my mother's Christmas  tree, and is over 110 years old.
Also a Japanese lantern which was part of a set of lights. Also my mums.
The egg man which our son made at first school.
The Eiffel Tower, bought in Paris 6 years ago.
A sausage dog bought by our granddaughter last year, and a Christmas tree made by our other granddaughter while helping this year at nursery school.
Everyone has memories, which at our age, I think, is what Christmas is all about.

The house seems very bare at the moment, and tomorrow I will give it a good clean!
Then we can look forward to Spring!

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