River Soar Flood Plain

On Derby Road playing fields. I hadn't kept my promise to Basil to take him for a walk again yesterday afternoon, so I tried to make up for it today. We walked the perimeter of Dishley Pool. where the paths have been made up and aren't muddy. A superb walk.

Just over halfway round, we came to the point overlooking the playing fields. It's been a week or so since we've had heavy rain, but water is still lying on the ground. The river is around 400-500m away. This water probably comes from the Black Brook which was running fast by before feeding into the River Soar.

Extra is of a man feeding the swans. Evidently some of 2019 cygnets with the group.

I used a Lens Baby Edge 50 which is why only a slither of the photos are in focus. Playing.

Feeling virtuous, Basil and I headed to Oakham behind a gallingly slow learner driver. It wouldn't have been quite so bad if the driver  had permitted overtaking, but every time the road became clear, he or she speeded up and moved to the centre of the road.

Handed in three items at Lands' End which I wanted replacing, Basil sitting very patiently outside, observing keenly. Of course, he touched the hearts of the shop attendants.

Back home stopping at the Mountain Café in Asfordby for a toastie, a nice cup of tea and a dish of chunky chips with tomato ketchup and mayo.

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