Dolly's Day

By dollydoug

It rhymes with “luck”

Back to a normal Monday for me.  Fitness class this afternoon after a 2 week break.  My poor arthritic knees and back did not enjoy the class. Then a bit of shopping in Tesco before heading home - and the sofa. 

Wished I could have stayed indoors all warm and cosy but I had make the effort and walk down to Slimming Club.  It was a cold and windy night ... and then it started raining.  Arrived at the Church Hall in a rather wet state. 

The room was packed. Not too many new members( which was surprising as there are usually loads at this time of year ) but lots of the usual members who don't normally stay to the meeting after they have been weighed. After gaining 10 pounds last Monday I lost 4½  pounds today.  ( That's since Friday as I wasn't back " on plan " until then ).  Very pleased with that loss.  Just have to keep up the good work.

The Mono Monday theme is .....  Rhymes with “luck”.  I decided to blip an American dollar note - also known as a buck. ( not very original as I see someone else had the same idea ). Thanks to laurie54  for hosting

Buck is an informal reference to $1 that may trace its origins to the American colonial period when deer skins (buckskins) were commonly traded for goods.The earliest written use of the word buck is from 1748.  Once American currency replaced animal skins as a way to pay for goods the term "buck" remained as a slang term for one dollar.

This dollar note - and a few others -  were left over from my last visit to the USA in November.  Seeing it today brought back happy memories of all the times I have visited this country.  Back in 2000 when I went with my late husband and children on a bus tour to Washington, New York, Philadelphia - and more..  Then to my daughters wedding in Las Vegas in 2008 and my more recent trips in 2017,2018 and 2019 to visit a blip friend who lives near Boston.

For my musical link I have chosen  GOD BLESS THE USA ( also known as Proud To Be An American - by Lee Greenwood.

This song reminds me of being in Las Vegas and watching the Bellagio  fountains every evening as I walked from the Bellagio Hotel ( where my daughter got married and where she was staying with her new husband ) back to my own( cheaper ) hotel just across the road. ( I was saving some bucks ) I always lingered  by the fountains when this song was being played.

Steps today - 12,514

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