By dogwithnobrain

It's a mad world

Back to work for the first time since.....20th December.   

A whole lot of days. 

It's year end.   I have to co-ordinate the coming together of 6 companies accounts into one. 

I haven't read my emails for 2 weeks. 

We are trying to integrate an indian company into our accounts, and they are trying to do it "their way". 

The sheer horror of the scale of work which is going to have to take place over the next rwo weeks was making me feel queasy this morning.    So L and I had a cup of coffee and discussed my holiday, her christmas, her new year, the upcoming Winter Ball. ... 

By 1030 we were almost ready to start.  

We divvied up the work ( I gave her India - I took everything else). 

We had another cup of coffee and lots of water (our Boss gave us water bottles for Christmas to we figured we should be using them liberally. 

I decided that late working was not going to be happening for me...  I left at 1745; came home and fell asleep on the couch. 

Tooli is back in Winchester, or Warminster, wherever it is she is, and has settled herself back in her room - with new pillows, new bed linen, and a whole new term full of new pupils. 

And Boy And Jessie are having the time of their life in manchester.... No not really, some other part of Kuala Lumpur... Pretty, colourful, weird mix of English and Muslim architecture. 

They've been getting photographed by a bag company - the photos are lovely - I can't show you any of them yet ...... but wow they are soo bloody photogenic. 

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