By gblrps

Wall Art - 216

(Still struggling a bit with PC issues but getting there)

Horrible weather - in fact for most of the day it was dark.   This one was actualy lit mainly by street lights and the pub across the road. 

Can't have a picture of the Big Yin without a few of his quotes:-

All anyone really needs to know about barbed wire is that it can tear the arse out of your trousers, give a cow a good fright, entangle a Yorkshire Terrier for life, and is nasty stuff made by greedy men!

There are two seasons in Scotland - June and Winter!

I once travelled to Adelaide on Emu Airways. I was 5,000 ft up in the air when someone pointed out to me that emus can’t fly!

Who discovered that we could get milk from cows and what did he think he was doing at the time?

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