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The Hairdresser and the Ferryman

Last night I had a sinking feeling that I was going to have to cancel my long-awaited hairdresser's appointment. The hairdresser is in Greenock - on The Other Side - and fierce winds were approaching. However, we are blessed by the presence on our bit of the Firth of Clyde of the Western Ferries, the same that took us over the water on Christmas Day when no other public transport was doing anything. So, despite the warnings on the radio and on Twitter of this Cal Mac ferry and that being cancelled, services being suspended for the day, I set off. The one concession to the precarious situation was to allow Mr PB to come too and bring the car - for if the ferry were to go off when I was on The Other Side on foot, I'd be stuck. (With a car, you have the option to Drive Round - a two-hour minimum drive over the Rest and Be Thankful). "Will we get back?" we asked the smiling man who took our ticket. "Och yes - you'll get back." I love a bit of confidence ...

I also love my hairdresser. (You can see what efforts I make to get to him). Not only is he the best cutter I've come across, he also makes me feel great. I'm given an espresso while my colour takes, and the latest magazines - which I only ever read in that situation. And the salon is beautiful, with decoration themed to suit the season and immaculately designed by his artist wife. So I'm blipping the view from my seat near the end of my appointment; it's lunchtime, and most of the other customers have left. Outside it's as dull and miserable as it's been since daybreak, but inside it's warm and cheering.

We got home too, on the ferry. It went at great speed, the way it does on the last run of the day, crossing the firth in a great V to run first with the waves and then straight into them. We travelled backwards - apparently car rear windows are less vulnerable than windscreens to the sea bashing down the deck. The crew looked pleased with themselves, and well might they be. We'd be lost without them.

My hair, by the way, is a deep Pentecostal flame colour ...

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