Grid and Grid

I went out blip-hunting this afternoon.  The weather was overcast, the lighting dull and no aircraft were out at Old Warden (all the excuses . . .).  But on my way home I crossed the level crossing at Tempsford and stopped below the high tension wires.

I've snapped a standard pylon from below, at the RSPB reserve near Sandy, but this is from above next to a solar panel farm.  I was really careful to ensure that I had a proper signal, that the GPS was functional and that I had calibrated my drone's compass, all to ensure that any radiation from the wires would be less likely to interfere with my control of the drone (a Mavic Air).  

Then I climbed well above the pylon lines so as to avoid any problems with parallax fooling me into getting close to the wires or the pylon and I really liked the view of the pylon from above.

Then on the descent I got complacent, or lost attention for a moment and I nearly crashed the Mavic into a thorn bush near the road!  Quel idiot!  A moment's inattention . . .

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