By mollyblobs

Hazel Waxy Crust

Much of the day was spent visiting Molly. We took her an early birthday present of a Kindle, and spent some time showing her and T how to use it. She can read the largest font size, but not many words fit on a page so I'm not sure whether this will interrupt the flow of her reading. We loaded it up with three books by some of her favourite authors, and will just have to see whether she takes to it. 

We'd only planned to stay for a couple of hours, but she was in a talkative mood and then her partner had to go and pick up his car from the garage after its MOT, so we ended up waiting till he came back. By the time we got home and had a late lunch it was heading towards dusk, so photography was limited to a quick trip round Thorpe Wood.

There are far fewer fungi than even a couple of weeks ago, but there are still a few bracket fungi and crusts to be found. This is an example of hazel waxy crust, a rather local species but fairly common in the local woods on derelict hazel coppice. This one appears to have been colonised by another fungus, which is forming rather delicate lacy white patches over its surface. Even parasites have parasites...

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