By dogwithnobrain

Every Picture Tells A Story

I love taking a photo which relates to  a song title, which in turn relates to the tale I tell. 

Today athat is not one of those. 

This is the only "real" photo I took today.    Someone has "trimmed" the trees at work, and left cutoffs laying around.  I photo'd it to send to Si to ask him if I should keep it for the Peas!    We grow the Peas around Sticks!  That's the proper way to do it apparently. 

I'm struggling with the world today.  

Australia is still burning... 

Trump declaring Iran are standing down.... but apparently there have been another two strikes tonight. 

A plane falls out of the sky around the same time of the misile attacks.. and no one asks "did your misile just shoot a one of your own planes down?"

And then, and forgive me, this utter crap-shit of "harry and meghan" stepping back from Royal Life.     Wit?  I cannot believe they just spent twenty minutes discussing it on Newsnight - along with a Scottish "Culture Journalist" who could not stop looking at herself on the monitor. 

Does the world not know that I have A year end to complete?   I have 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 companies to consolidate.  SEVEN.   Yes, Seven.  

I have spent all day, accruing, prepaying, counting, dividing, double checking, more accruing, depreciating, answering questions, completing HRMC returns.   I did not stop.  (Apart from a walk upstairs and down stairs every hour and a half, to stop myself cramping). 

My mind has not stopped working all day; i have post-it notes everywhere.   I have a list as long as two arms to complete.  

This will go on for at least another 4 days. (working days).  And then we will have a lull.   

But at the same time we are plugging through this  -  we are trying to combine two new companies onto our existing Accounting system - and making one step forward and two steps back. 

And then we will have the auditors coming in.  

And the air conditioning isn't working AGain. 

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