Staying alive

So here we are, caught up at last with all the back blips.

I read something today which deeply shocked and moved me.  I want to share it.  Please take the time to read.

Kylie Jenner, a fabulously wealthy woman, has donated a million to bush fire relief, broken up into chunks of $200,000.  One organisation  to get the cash is the Rural Fire Association of Queensland.  The CEO had no idea who she was, but is immensely grateful.  Apparently the Association is planning to spend the money on the purchase of fire mapping computer tablets. 
Before this generous gift they only had ONE FOR THE WHOLE STATE

Only one!  How shameful is that.  They are going to buy 500.  Here's the direct quote from the press release :

"Currently the association has only one (fire mapping computer tablet), but with Ms Jenner's donation and another $300,000 from other fundraising, the association will buy 500.

They will be used inside fire trucks to track topography while offline, and give live updates of where water bombing helicopters and other fire trucks are in the area."

Make no mistake about it, ALL our governments - every single State plus the Federal mob have severely underfunded the fire fighting effort in this country - to the point of criminal negligence.  Furthermore, I don't care which side of the political divide - all our parties are equally culpable because this has been going on for years.

As you know if you read my journal, the Rower and I are deeply involved in the Belair National Park.  I can attest that our rangers have done everything they possibly can to reduce fuel loads during the cool season.  Was it enough? I very much doubt it.  The Works Crew and Rangers work under impossible budget and personnel restraints; let's hope that the current catastrophe will change the governmental mind set.

Funding is a huge question - yes there is global warming, and yes something needs to be done - but it isn't a quick fix.  In the meantime it's important  to help our Volunteer firefighters now; it's not just money for them personally, but it's a ton of money needed to make sure they have adequate equipment.  They shouldn't have to fund raise continuously so they can buy their own fire trucks and other essential equipment.

It's a national disgrace.

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