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By creativelenna

Stitch Meditation

I learned about the stitch meditation practice through an article by Liz Kettle in Quilting Arts magazine. I guess she has been doing this for years! I only just learned about it but It really pulled me in, the whole idea of working with fabric & stitches on small little pieces (4"x 4"). 

I started making them on October 11th, 2019. I generally, but not always, make one every day. I obviously enjoy it, as this little stitched square makes 70 stitch meditations or "stitchies" as I call them, for me. I enjoy making them and the calm repetitive stitching so much that I wanted to share the practice with others, so I'm hosting a Stitchies Swap!  I announced it in November, have 18 participants and it is due in my hands by Feb.1st when I will sort them all. Each participant will send me 3 and receive 3 swapped in return. More here!  

I believe it's good to make something, photograph something, do something creative every day, if possible. If not, as often as you can! 
Extra shots of this stitchie . . . .

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