Moving On Up

Exiting Ocean Terminal after pizza and the pictures. For some light relief we went to see the latest Jumanji film which was just so-so, good in bits but slow in others. Suspect there won’t be a third in this series.
Spent a good part of the afternoon on the phone to BT trying to get my eMail working - it regularly gives up the ghost - but they called me while I was in the middle of making soup, had a chicken roasting, was eating a sandwich for a late lunch and the kettle was just boiled for a cuppa. I then had to get the desktop and iPad up while chatting away on the phone and nipping in and out of the kitchen. Could have done with a third hand! Anyway, after a fair old while I ended up with a reset mail password, eMail on the iPad working fine, eMail on the desktop still not working, a roast chicken, a pot of soup and a cold cup of tea. So all fine ... apart from my original eMail problem!

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