Abstract Thursday

A lovely morning, sun, blue sky, white fluffy clouds, with the forecast of rain for the afternoon. After a late breakfast, I headed out after setting Map My Walk app, as I wanted to make sure I hit 4 miles (6.68km) circuit walk this morning, I did! :-) 

 Part of my walk takes me through part of Roundswell Industrial Estate, where  they are erecting more units of assorted sizes, one of the bigger units I have used part of for my abstract for today.

Camera Club tonight, where we will have the judge giving the results of the "Members Team Battle" Ladies v Men.  Always a fun evening. The Ladies won by 1 point last year. And I think it could be very tight again this year. Fingers crossed :-)

Thank you for calling in, way behind again. Thank you for your comments and rewards, much appreciated as always. 

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