Pictorial blethers

By blethers

Wavin' ...

It must be the unexpected appearance of the sun that inspired a bit of lunacy this afternoon - or at least in this photo. If you look very carefully at the shadow of a small, solitary tree against the backdrop of the forest, you will see me and Mr PB waving madly as the sun sets behind us ... Put it down to the euphoria of a decent walk and the prospect of returning to our bedroom after tomorrow (the decorator started today)

It's Mr PB's birthday, but the arrival of the painter prevented much celebration (this would have involved leaving Dunoon, and we couldn't). Instead he was up in the dark covering furniture again to prevent spatters and dust. But then we had this fabby walk; both our sons phoned (one from Hong Kong, t'other from Salford); our No.1 granddaughter phoned, and we talked to friends we'd love to meet up with again and phone far too seldom.

I can't resist an extra photo of the moon over the Firth before it was properly dark. The nights are definitely starting later, though it takes a clear day for us to be aware of this cheering fact. And then ,I think, a little apero to toast the birthday boy, before I start cooking ...

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