By Shutterup


I spotted these gorgeous old spoons in the antique shop today where l escaped for a bit of a wander.  I love going to this shop it has lots of individual areas run by different collectors making it super interesting and a fun place to find different presents.  I particularly liked these spoons as l have booked in to a spoon making day later in the year.. these were made in two pieces .. the handle turned on a lathe and the then glued in to the bowl.. but they felt fantastic.. the extra shows the size of them.. very short and very large in the bowl.  The wood was shiny with use and felt fabulous to hold... so these may be designs l lean towards when l start making them for myself!!
We did have some broken cloud for a while today but the wind and rain are back this evening... l think tomorrow is meant to be warm and sunny so l must get out to do some sketching or at least get some photos to work from as l have been putting off my painting due to lack of inspiration.  I really dont much enjoy January for its short dark days

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