Black Cherry

By AlaBerPhotos

Move on

I attended a pre assessment meeting for a 4 weeks course starting next Friday.
We had a Literacy test as well as we will be writing loads of essays and home work, and for me as being second language learner - extra motivation to brush up my English.

I did very well 68/72 (yay)

Another one to put in my CV and helping me understand myself better.
It's one of those Wellbeing ones, continuation for something a did last year and achieved a Qualification and Level 1 Award in Awareness of Mental Health and Wellbeing and Level 1 in Stress and Stress Management Techniques.
Yes, I'm educating myself to be a better and stronger Bipolar chick :)
I was going to pay for it but turns out I don't have to as I'm eligible, great :)

After that I joined other Mums for coffee morning and as usual we had a great time chatting.
I got a very lovely compliment from one of them (thank you Asia) - she said I'm inspiring her and other Mums with my food blog and pictures I'm presenting :)
The truth is I love Photographing most of all and that motivates me to cook healthier, more presentable ... but also to mention I get inspired by all the recipes I'm researching from the net and Instagram especially.

I'm always looking forward to cook something new and adventurous, so bear with me for a bit longer with my mouthwatering recipes!

Today is pasta shells with homemade basil pesto and Brasil nuts filled with cashew nut, lemon ricotta ... and yes daisies are out in UK :)

A xo 

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