By WharfedaleBex

I could eat a horse!

Probably the big one.

OK, so maybe I bit off a little more than I could chew!

It's only been a couple of weeks since I did my last ride but six weeks since I've done anything over thirty miles. The forecast was lovely though, if a little chilly and, with Rich at home, it would have been a waste of day to do something short.

I was feeling quite chipper on the way out - fairly certain I spotted a BlipBuddy too.  I did a figure of eight loop near Kettlewell to come back past the cafe at over half way in stead of just under half way.  But, by the time I arrived there, I concluded it was too cold to stop and I'd rather just keep my engine running.  Grassington was still an option.

I forgot in Grassington.  By the time I was in Bolton Abbey, it was simply too near home to stop and my thighs were tiring to the point I was having to disown them to keep going.

I almost texted Rich as a joke at the bottom of our hill to say I needed collecting but decided that would probably be the case if I stopped pedalling. With a bit of singing, I made it home feeling like I'd done a hundred but actually only half that!

Don't worry, it's been fish and chips for tea.  
Bring on the fat!  Bring on the carbs!

Update: feel a bit bad for the fish now :/

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