The Big Golden Dog

By Cowlieowlie

Morning Light

This morning, the light on the hills across the valley was very strange. I took a few photos, but it had changed before I had time to get one I was really happy with. This particular one was enhanced by my bad editing skills, as all the photos I took this morning came out very dark. This one was taken out of the dining room window.

We went to watercolour painting class in the morning. It was fun. We learnt to paint abstract flowers. See the extra for my attempt at painting some white and green orchids in a white ceramic jug. I think it is a little too abstract.

This evening, we had the East Lothian Royal Scottish Country Dance Society Anuual Buffet Dance. This is the first time me and my Dad have been to it. We actually only stayed for the first half, because my dad likes to go to bed early. There were some nice, easy dances on the programme, which was good, because they didn't let us walk the dances through beforehand. It was kind of like a very posh ceilidh, where the dances are much much harder and involve more complex steps.

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